HARDBIKE is solidarity and for this reason year after year we are collaborating with a different foundation, with the intention of giving loudspeakers to that cause that they promote from each of them. The jersey of the edition is also something that goes according to the foundation with which we worked during that year, being in the first edition the FUNDACIÓN LUCHA CONTRA EL SIDA, which is why in that edition we chose red, color of the blood.

For the second edition, this 2020 we have opted for ADDA (Associacion de Discapacitats d'Aran)  a foundation much closer geographically, which will allow us to carry out local actions, and for this reason, the color chosen for the jersey of the II HARDBIKE has been the garnet, the color of the Val d'Aran flag, with the Occitan cross in yellow.

Finally, emphasize that this collaboration will be 1 year, which will give way to another collaboration in the future with another different foundation, in order to be able to help as much as possible, and making clear with whom we will collaborate year after year through Our jersey, which will change color, associated with each of the foundations.

We know that cycling has values, and we want to be partakers of them, just as you will surely value this initiative and help us to give visibility to each of the foundations with which we will work.