HARDBIKE is a cycling test that aims to discover for 3 days bikers, the best locations in the Val d'Aran for the practice of mountain biking in high mountain environments and singletracks.

3 days of hardness as indicated by the slogan "GO HARDBIKE OR GO HOME" will make your experience hard and wonderful, being able to suffer with unevenness that does not forgive but in turn, enjoy twisted trails that will return you to a situation of extreme happiness

For the second edition we have prepared a few novelties, the most notable is located in the locations of the different stages, which will become circular, helping to know in this way the 3 areas in which the Val d'Aran is divided (a obviously part of the terçons), so participants can enjoy a 100% Baish Aran stage, another in Mijaran and the last in Naut Aran.

The stages will take place on September 4,5 and 6 september, a perfect time to find the Val d'Aran with an intense green and well-laden rivers, a basic element for the territory and that fills the area with life . To this important detail we must add that we are at the moment with more light of the whole year, guaranteeing pleasant temperatures and the possibility of enjoying family afternoons after a good dose of mountainbike pur during the mornings.

If you are a mountain bike lover and singletracs you will not find a better plan for dates, get ready to live a unique experience, and that is that HARDBIKE has its own essence, like the Val d'Aran!

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